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Karyon Organization

Successful Organization is a mirror of reliable hands combined in. “Karyon Organic” has come forward to your doorstep with an opportunity of spectacular plans to subside the present lifestyle stigma. Leap with us by establishing team relationship. To upgrade your economic & social strength join with us in mutual reliable relationship. Due to modern method of Agricultural Technology, the food derives from different crops and vegetables are lacking in essential nutrients and bio-molecules which provides internal Strength & Stamina. By conducting ground breaking research and developments from decades, we found various novel bio-molecules which showers the blessings of nature and provides best balanced nutrients to our health.

It is widely known that inorganic farming is a significant causes to degrade the value of soil that rare all the types of crop, trees, plantation, livestock poultry on the stage to get their yield and nutrient deficient food. Human, plant, animal and livestock are all the present suffering from this without showing specific signs of nutrient deficiency noted otherwise at later stage. Farming community and their associates together with their amateur gardener are ignorant in the quality of crop and to realize the announcement of world health organisation. As the time goes by symptoms of poor soil start to deface the plant and yield; that effects the quality of crop and in turn farmer or the producer has to sell his crop at low price. The nutrient deficiency in crop or plantation become major reason for many diseases in human being, livestock&poultry, fishery as well as plants. The flowchart towards hidden hunger is as below.
  • Poor Farming Practices
  • Poor Soil Fertility
  • Nutrient Deficiency Disorder
  • Hidden Hunger in Plants
  • Nutrient deficient Food
  • Hidden Hunger Syndrome
  • Human Health & Nutritious Food

    How "HIDDEN HUNGER" depreciates the Plant Health, Human Health, as well as Livestock&Poultry Health ministries in all nations nowadays are struggling to bring only the healthy & nutritious products in the market for a common citizen. From the era of inorganic farming they have concluded that the crop yield and the products made to eat from have deficiency of nutrients. The developed countries are facing a challenging problem of “over nutrition” With higher affluence, urbanization and fast moving life of people to see their economic growth more, their diet choice tilted towards the fast food phenomenon which is higher in energy for a short duration, more with saturated fat & alcoholic content. Such diets do not provide range of micro nutrients, fibrous substance & proteins required to maintain the resistance power of the human body.The health risk factors & diseases associated with the above type of foods are:Obesity,hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, mellifluous, anemia and other disorders, with a figure of money required by the government to care their citizens. For developing nations, the other side of this mirror is known as “under nutrition eatables’;
    “Under nutrition’~ or malnutrition, is a common enemy of poor people who suffers the most its harsh effects at large scale. Statistics published related to malnutrition are eye-opening. 2000 million people in more than 100 developing countries suffer from micro nutrient deficiencies that become the cause of many common diseases, blindness, mental retardation, and even death. 780 million people – 20% of the developing world are acutely undernourished. 367 million children mainly from Asia and Africa are victim to eat with less content of protein-energy food in which 190 million children are under five years of age. The overrunning problem of malnutrition crop production and eatable derivatives takes away the life of 40,000 children every day. The severity of diseases varies from one country to another over a period of time. Some countries have recorded significant decrease in nutritious crop while others are on average line. The particular deficiency of “required vitamins and minerals in a crop” altogether called nutrient becomes the cause of unsatisfied hunger and the inorganic farming leave the minute residue of various pesticides and heavy metals in crop that is responsible for the above diseases. The nutritious content in any eatable cannot be seen by the naked eye. The recognition for the choice & consumption of under-nourished any eatable product by an ordinary person and health ailments associated with it as noted above was well known years back and this issue was addressed at large scale. The ignorance to this World Health Organization appeal and published statement by a common man gave birth to new other diseases. To create awareness and made public conscious about low yields, poor nutritional produce & to defeat conventional farming methods that degrade health sector, World Health Organization named the above problem “HIDDEN HUNGER SYNDROME’
    The "Environment" is a unique emphasized word nowadays that stores two major definitions; one about the old mother nature and the other human health and “Sustainable” adds an additional meaning to protect and care it for the people and future generations. The information has been promulgated on broad scale worldwide about the damage occurring or noticed already to the environment by inorganic conventional methods of farming. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have polluted the environment to a large extent and created a gap for an ordinary person to pick up the nutritious food. Environmentalists all over the world are promoting the culture of “organic farming”while all the governments are acclaiming this. It is the only solution in agricultural industry so far noticed that can revive the environment. Unhealthy environment created by inorganic farming is the sole reason towards health cost difficult to maintain with the sufferings from its contaminated elements in many forms are unfavorable for farmer as well as common human being with great impact on weather.

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